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Reduced Mobility Healthcare

We offer very efficient reduced mobility care plans and telehealth packages, get in touch for an initial consultation and offer.

Family Care

We offer very efficient family care plans and telehealth packages, get in touch for an initial consultation and offer.

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General family care

Our platform professional user is a health care giver, nurse, physician, medical practitioner, medical doctor, or simply doctor, is a professional who practises medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring health through the study, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

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NubianPro Doctor+ is a web based platform using cloud technology, for a fast & efficient on demand professional healthcare service for reduced mobility people and for increase health professionals mobility in the country.

Why should you choose Our Solution?

So many reasons to choose from

Reason 1

Approaching health service existing giver near to patient with quality in the country and Automate dispatch to reduce waiting time

Reason 2

Fast & efficient on demand service between Patient&Doctors Incented quality of services The “net-x-jet” of immediate healthcare domiciliary services

Reason 3

Not necessary to go to hospitals and clinics since the giver gather all the necessary tools necessary to perform the health service in the remote areas