How does ND+TimeIsLife works?

ND+TimeIsLife is an integrated system with an online platform that make possible a health entity register their health professionals to be members and provide their health services using a device M3 Mobile personal digital assistant.

Who can have a ND+TimeIsLife profile?

To have a ND+TimeIsLife profile you just have to work on a legal and accredited health entity qualified to provide the service announced.

Who define the services, prices and where the service takes place?

The health services and prices are defined by health entities respectively, and services are taken in the patient local.

I already am working with another health entity, there is any incompatibility with that?

Yes, the health professional can provide service in one health entity member of ND+TimeIsLife. We do require exclusivity.

What benefits do I have from having a ND+TimeIsLife profile?

To be in ND+TimeIsLife means that will be assured a health professional looking profile by which is possible to promote your health entity and perform health services out of the box.