How does ND+TimeIsLife works?

ND+TimeIsLife system is an online platform that make possible a registered patient to connect a fast & efficient
on demand a health professional service with no necessary to go hospital or clinics.

How can I get a personalized service?

Book an appointment directly on the website form and an operator will contact with the health service scheduling.

Can I chose any specialist?

You can choose from specialty, health entity, eg…the system provides you a healthcare giver near from your location.

Who are the Healthcare givers and specialists?

They are health professionals workers from different accredited health entities that use the system in a way to promote their personalized services.None of them are part of ND+TimeIsLife team, since ND+TimeIsLife is only an online platform that allows these health entities promote and sell their health services.

How does the payment of health service is processed?

The payment of the provided service is by cashless billing. The system provides the patient member a virtual card(QR Code) to charge and pay directly to health entity healthcare giver mobile POS.