Privacy Policy

I. Introduction
When you use NubianPRO , you trust us with your personal data. We are committed to maintaining that trust. To do this, let’s start by helping you understand our privacy practices.This notice describes the personal data we collect, how we use and share it and your choices regarding this data. We recommend reading it together with our general perspective on privacy , which highlights the main points about our privacy practices.

II. Overview
A. Scope This warning applies to people registered in the system, members of the services NubianPRO anywhere in the world, including users and non – users of the applications, the websites, the features or other services NubianPRO. This notice describes how NubianPRO and its affiliates collect and use personal data. This notice applies specifically to: User users: people who request or receive health care services, including those who receive health care services that have been requested by someone else and who use app. Non-user users : registered people who request or receive healthcare or other services including those who receive healthcare services that were requested by someone else but who do not use the app. Givers ( Health professionals): people who provides, or are registered and certified by NubianPRO to provide services health care independently or through accredited health institutions. Physiciens Specialists (Health Professionals) : people who provide, or who are registered and certified by NubianPRO to provide, specialized health care services through accredited health entities Tenants : entities that rent M3 Mobile , or other PDA devices (collectively, ” Rental PDA devices “), and that use the NubianPRO application .This notice also governs other collection of personal data by NubianPRO related to NubianPRO services . For example, we collect contact information from people who use accounts belonging to customers NubianPRO for companies or owners, or employees, health authority partners  NubianPRO teleconsultation , or we may collect other personal data related to our features and our mapping technology. All persons subject to this notice are designated as ” users ” in this notice. In addition, please note the following: In the case of CLIENTS who are not users of the NubianPRO app : personal data of users whose consultations were organized by the owners of a NubianPRO account , as in the case of a user who is the son of an owner member who makes a consultation organized by the member who owns a NubianPRO account (such as a hospital or healthcare provider), are processed according to the agreement we have with the owner of that account and not as described in this notice. Processing of such data may include sharing the user’s child data with the member who owns the account (say “parent”). Our data practices are subject to applicable laws wherever we are available. This means that we will only engage in the practices described in this notice in a particular country or region if the laws of those locations permit it. If you have any questions about our practices in a particular country or region, contact us through this page or through the addresses indicated below.
B. Transfer and data controller ( GDPR) The G Suite1 and Google Cloud Platform are the controllers of personal data collected in the use of the services NubianPRO .The Google Inc . is the controller of personal data collected in connection with the use of NubianPRO services elsewhere. If you are a physicien specialist in the United Kingdom, the NubianPRO member health entity holding the applicable health care operator license is a controller of compliance with licensing requirements. The Google Inc . is the controller of personal data collected in connection with the use of NubianPRO services elsewhere. We process personal data inside and outside the U.S. Personal data of specialists located outside the USA are transferred on the basis of mechanisms approved under applicable laws, such as, for example, standard contractual clauses . Any questions, comments and complaints about NubianPRO’s practices regarding data should be sent through this page . Google Apps HIPAA Business Partner AmendmentThis Change of Associated Commercial HIPAA ( “HIPAA BAA”) is made and entered into between Google Inc . and the Customer in effect as of the date electronically accepted by the Customer and amends the Agreement for the purpose of implementing the HIPAA requirements to support the parties’ compliance requirements below. The “Agreement” refers to the Google Apps for Work (or Business), Education or Government Agreement concluded between the parties according to which Google Inc . provides Customer Services. The customer must have an existing contract in place for this HIPAA BAA to be valid and effective. Together with the Contract, this HIPAA BAA will govern each party’s respective obligations in relation to Protected Health Information (defined below). You represent and warrant that : (i) you have full legal authority to bind the Customer to this HIPAA BAA, ( ii ) read and understand this HIPAA BAA and ( iii ) agree, on behalf of the Customer, with the terms of this HIPAA BAA . If you do not have the legal authority to bind the Customer or do not agree to these terms, do not sign or accept the terms of this HIPAA BAA. The parties agree as follows: 1. Definitions: For the purposes of this HIPAA BAA, any capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement and under the terms of HIPAA.” Google ” means Google Inc . and its affiliates who provide the Services.“ HIPAA ” means the Health Insurance Liability and Portability Act of 1996 and the following rules and regulations, as amended (including with respect to the HITECH Law). “ HIPAA Implementation Guide ” means the informational guide that Google makes available, describing how Customer can configure and use the Services to support HIPAA compliance. The HIPAA Implementation Guide is available for review at the following URL: (depending on the content of that URL or another URL such as Google can provide, may be updated by Google from time to time)” HITECH Act ” means the Health Information Technology Act for Economic and Clinical Health enacted in the United States Congress, which is Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and its regulations, as amended.“Included functionality” means functionality on the Services, as described at the following URL: (such as the contents of that URL or another URL that Google may provide, may be updated by Google from time to time). “ Protected health information ” or “ PHI ” will have the meaning ascribed to them under HIPAA, if provided to Google as Customer Data in connection with Customer’s permitted use of the included Feature. “ Security rule ” means 45 CFR, Part 164, Subpart C, according to HIPAA.“ Services ” means the Google Apps Core Services as defined in the applicable Agreement. 2. Applicability Parties: This HIPAA BAA applies insofar as the Client acts as a Covered Entity or Business Associate, to create, receive, maintain or transmit PHI through the Included Functionality and where Google, as a result, is considered under HIPAA as a Business Associate of the customer. Scope of services . As of the effective date of this Amendment, this Amendment applies only to the Included Feature. Google can expand the scope of the Included Feature. If Google expands the scope of the Included Feature, this HIPAA BAA will automatically apply to that new feature and additional features as of the date that the description of the Included Feature is updated or the date that Google has provided written notice of a updating the scope of the Included Functionality to the customer’s notification email address (whichever is earlier). 3. Permitted use and disclosure By Google: Google may use and disclose PHI only as permitted by HIPAA, as specified in the Agreement and this HIPAA BAA. Google may also use and disclose PHI for the proper management and administration of Google’s business and to fulfill Google’s legal responsibilities, provided that any PHI disclosure for that purpose can only occur if (1) required by applicable law; or (2) Google obtains reasonable written guarantees from the person to whom the PHI will be disclosed that it will be kept confidential, used only for the purpose for which it was disclosed, and that Google will be notified of any breach. Per customer . Customer will not request that Google or the Services use or disclose PHI in any manner that is not permitted by HIPAA if done by the Covered Entity itself (unless expressly permitted by HIPAA for a Business Associate). In connection with Customer’s management and administration of Services for End Users, Customer is responsible for using the controls available on the Services to support HIPAA compliance requirements, including reviewing the HIPAA Implementation Guide and applying appropriate controls for support Customer’s HIPAA compliance. Customer will not use the Services to create, receive, maintain or transmit PHI to other Google services outside the included Functionality, except when Google has expressly entered into a separate HIPAA business partner agreement for the use of such Google services. If Customer uses the Included Functionality in connection with PHI, Customer will use the controls available on the Services to ensure: (i) all other Google products that are not part of the Services are disabled for all End Users using the Included Functionality in connection with PHI (except those services where Customer and Google already have an appropriate HIPAA business partner agreement in place); and ( ii ) take appropriate measures to limit the use of PHI in the Services to the minimum necessary for Customer to perform its authorized use of such PHI. Customer agrees that Google has no obligation to protect PHI under this HIPAA BAA to the extent that Customer creates, receives, maintains or transmits such PHI outside of the included Functionality (including Customer’s use of its off-line storage tools or on-site or third – party applications )4. Adequate Safeguards: Google and Customer will use appropriate safeguards designed to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI, in accordance with this HIPAA BAA and as required by the Security Rule, with respect to Included Functionality. 5.Communicating: Google will send any applicable breach notifications to the notification email address (as such contact is designated on the Services by the customer) or through direct communication with the customer. For the sake of clarity, Customer, and not Google, is responsible for managing whether its End Users are authorized to create, receive, maintain or transmit PHI within the Services and Google will have no obligation in this regard. This Section 5 will be considered as a notice to Customer that Google periodically receives unsuccessful attempts at unauthorized access, use, disclosure, 6. Agents and Subcontractors: Google will take appropriate measures to ensure that any agents and subcontractors used by Google to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement that require access to PHI on Google’s behalf are bound by written obligations that provide the same material level of protection for PHI that this HIPAA BAA. To the extent that Google uses agents and subcontractors to fulfill the obligations set forth herein, Google will remain responsible for its performance as if performed by Google itself under the Agreement. 7. Accounting Rights:Google will make PHI available to Customer through the Services so that Customer can fulfill its obligation to grant individuals their access, change and accounting rights in accordance with HIPAA requirements. Customer is responsible for managing the use of the Services to respond appropriately to such individual requests. 8. Access to records:To the extent required by law, and subject to the applicable attorney and client privileges, Google will make available its internal practices, books and records regarding the use and disclosure of PHI received from Customer or created or received by Google on behalf of Customer to the Secretary of United States Department of Health and Human Services (the “Secretary”) for the purposes of the Secretary who determines compliance with this HIPAA BAA.9. Return / Destruction of Information: Google agrees that, upon termination of the Agreement, Google will return or destroy all PHI received from Customer, or created or received by Google on behalf of Customer, which Google still maintains under the section entitled “Effects of Termination” (or otherwise expressly agreed in writing) under the Agreement; provided, however, that if such return or destruction is not viable, Google will extend the protections of this HIPAA BAA to PHI that are not returned or destroyed and limit other uses and disclosures for the purposes that make the return or destruction of PHI unviable. 10. Violation / Healing: The customer may immediately terminate this HIPAA BAA and the Agreement by giving 10 days written notice to Google if Google has materially breached this HIPAA BAA and such breach is not reasonably capable of being remedied.11. Term. This HIPAA BAA will expire whichever occurs first between: (i) a termination permitted under this HIPAA BAA; ( ii ) the expiration or natural termination of the existing Agreement; or ( ii ) the execution of an updated HIPAA BAA to replace this HIPAA BAA. 12. Interpretation: It is the intention of the parties that any ambiguity under this HIPAA BAA is interpreted in a manner consistent with the intention to comply with applicable laws.13. Effect of the Change This HIPAA BAA replaces in its entirety any pre-existing HIPAA BAA performed by the parties that cover the same Services. To the extent of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms of this HIPAA BAA and the remainder of the Agreement, the terms of this HIPAA BAA will prevail. Except as expressly modified or altered under this HIPAA BAA , the terms of the Agreement remain in full force and effect. If Customer accepts or electronically signs the terms of this HIPAA BAA made available by Google, Customer and Google (on their own behalf and their affiliates providing the Services) agree that it constitutes a written agreement between the parties. 

III. Collection and use of data
The data we collect The NubianPRO collects: Data provided by users to NubianPRO , such as during registration and account creation, data created during the use of our services, such as location, application usage and device data, data from other sources such as partners NubianPRO and third parties who use the API of NubianPRO. The following data is collected by or on behalf of NubianPRO :1. Data provided by users . These include: User profile: we collect data when users create or update their NubianPRO accounts . These can include your login name, email , phone number, login name and password, address, profile photo, payment information or bank details (including verification information payment details), identification documents, including tax identification number , date of birth , signature and photograph. We can use photographs sent by giver s and / or specialists to verify their identities, such as, for example, through facial recognition technologies. For more information , see the section entitled “How we use personal data”.Background and identity verification: we collect background and identity verification information from givers and health entities . These may include information such as the entity’s respective history or criminal record (where permitted by law) and the right to work. This information can be collected by an authorized supplier on behalf of NubianPRO . Demographic data: we can collect demographic data about users , including through user questionnaires . In some countries, we may also receive demographic data about users from third parties. User Content: We collect the information that users send when they contact NubianPRO customer support , assign ratings, or give praise, to other users or partner entities , or otherwise contact NubianPRO . These may include opinions, photographs or other recordings collected by users .2. Data created while using our services. These include: Location data : we collect exact or approximate location data via users ‘ mobile devices , if they have allowed it. In the case of the giver ‘s and patient user´s , the NubianPRO collects this data when the application NubianPRO is in the foreground running (the application is open and appears on the screen) or in the background (the application is open, but not displayed) in respective mobile devices. In the case of users , NubianPRO collects this data when the NubianPRO application is running in the foreground. In some regions the NubianPRO can also collect this data when the application NubianPRO is in the background running on mobile devices users . The users , can use the applications NubianPRO without allowing NubianPRO collecting location data from their mobile devices. However, this may affect some features available in NubianPRO applications . For example, if a user has not authorized the collection of location data, they will have to manually enter their address in an emergency . In addition, location data collected through Givers during services will be linked to users ’ accounts , even if they have not allowed location data to be collected through their devices, including for the purposes of creating receipts, customer support, fraud detection, insurance and litigation.Transaction information : We collect transaction information related to the use of our services, including the type of services requested or provided, order details, delivery information, the date and time of service delivery, the amount charged by the giver and the payment method used by the patient is unknown. In addition, the user can receive discount rates in the ND+TimeisLife Card by giver e-wallet . Usage data : we collect data on how users interact with our services but we don´t interfere in money transactions between user´s on e-wallet´s cards. These include data such as the dates and times of access, the pages or features of the application being viewed, the application failures and other system activities, the type of browser and third party websites or services used before interacting with our services . In some cases, we collect this data through cookies, pixels , tags and similar tracking technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers. To find out more about these technologies, see our Cookie Notice . Device data: We may collect data about the devices used to access our services, including hardware models , the device’s IP address, operating systems and their versions, software, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device movement data, and mobile network data. Communications data: allow the users to communicate with each other and with the NubianPRO through mobile applications and websites of NubianPRO. For example, we allow givers and users , as well as partner entities , to call and send text messages or other files to each other (usually without disclosing their phone numbers). To provide this service, NubianPRO receives some data about calls, text messages or other communications, including the date and time of the communications and the respective content. The NubianPRO can also use this data for customer support services (including to resolve disputes between users ), for security and protection, to improve our products and services and for analytical purposes. Rental device data PDA´s : we collect the data generated by rental devices, such as M3 Mobile or other devices or PDA´s , when these are being used. These include the date and time of use, the location, the number of services. To the extent permitted by law, the location data collected from the rental device during the service will be linked to the tenant’s account, even if the tenant has not given NubianPRO permission to collect the location data from the respective mobile device.3. Data from other sources. These include: The views of users , such as ratings, opinions or praise. The users participating in our referral programs. For example, when a user recommends another person, we receive personal data from the recommended person through that user. NubianPRO account owners who request services for or on behalf of other users , or who allow those users to request or receive services through their accounts. These include the owners of NubianPRO for Business accounts . The users or others who provide information in connection with complaints or disputes. The business partners NubianPRO through which users create or gain access to their accounts NubianPRO , for example, payment service providers, social networking services or applications or websites using the API of NubianPRO or whose API is used by NubianPRO . Business partners NubianPRO under the card Vinti4 / Visa NubianPRO , as disclosed in the Terms and Conditions of the card. Suppliers that help us to verify the identity, the information background and eligibility to work of users , for regulatory purposes, security and protection .Insurance providers, or financial services for givers and / or partner entities. Health care partner companies (in the case of givers or partner entities that use our services through an account associated with such a company). Publicly accessible sources. Marketing service providers. The NubianPRO can combine the data collected from these sources with other data in its possession.

B. How we use personal data: The NubianPRO collects and uses the data available to get transport, deliveries and other goods and services that are reliable and convenient. We also use the data we collect: To reinforce the safety and protection of our users and services For customer service, For research and development, To allow communication between users, To send communications, including for marketing purposes, to users Within the scope of legal procedures, The NubianPRO not sell or share the personal data of users to third parties for direct marketing purposes, unless it has the consent of users. The NubianPRO uses the data it collects for various purposes, including: Provide services and features. The NubianPRO uses the collected data to provide, customize, maintain and improve our products and services. This includes using the data to: Create and update user accounts . Check the identity, background and eligibility to work for givers and specialists . Provide consultations , treatments and other services. Provide, process or facilitate payment for our services. Provide, obtain, make available or facilitate insurance, health , billing or financing solutions within the scope of our services. Monitor and share the progress of consultations or treatments . Activate features that allow users to share information with others, for example, when users send a compliment to a giver, when non-user users give their opinion on a health entity or specialist, recommend a friend to NubianPRO. Enable features to personalize users NubianPRO accounts , how to create bookmarks for favorite locations, and to allow quick access to previous destinations. We can, for example, present personalized recommendations from a healthcare provider or specialist to a NubianPRO user based on their previous requests. Enable features accessibility that make it easier for users with disabilities to use our services, such as those that enable giver are deaf or hard of hearing to alert users about its shortcomings, which allow only text messages from users and allow receive light notifications of service requests instead of sound notifications on their device. Carry out the internal operations necessary to provide our services, including to solve operational and software problems , to carry out data analysis, tests and investigations and to monitor and analyze usage and activity trends. Security and protection. We use personal data to help preserve the security, protection and integrity of our services and users . These include: Check users , givers and specialists before allowing them to use our services and, subsequently, at intervals, including through background check analysis, when permitted by law, to prevent giver from using our services s and / or users who are not safe.Use data from giver s or specialist devices to help identify risky behaviors , such as lack of zeal , and to inform them of safer practices. We also use data from specialists ‘ devices to check the type of devices they use to make teleconsultations . In certain regions, use information derived from photographs sent to NubianPRO , for security and protection purposes. This includes our identification verification functionality in real time, which asks the giver ‘s and the experts who enter a avatar (picture) when it gets m online , to help ensure that the giver or specialist that you are using the application matches to the NubianPRO account we have on file. This also includes comparing the photographs we have in our records with the photographs (i) of other users , to prevent identity theft, and ( ii ) of public databases, to verify the user’s identity. Use device, location, profile, usage data, among others, to prevent, detect and combat fraud or risky activities. Use ratings and reviews of users to promote compliance with our community guidelines and a basis for disable giver s and experts with low ratings or violating these guidelines in certain countries. Customer support . The NubianPRO use the information we collect (including customer support call records which the user has been informed and which gave their consent), to provide customer support, including to: Refer questions to the appropriate customer support member Analyze and answer users ‘ questions Monitor and improve our customer support processes and responses Investigation and development. We may use the data we collect for testing, research, analysis, product development and machine learning to improve the user experience. This helps us to improve and reinforce the security and protection of our services, to develop our ability to prevent the use of our services for illegal or improper purposes, to develop new features and products and to facilitate insurance and insurance solutions financing within the scope of our services. Allow communication between specialists, givers and users . For example, a giver can send a text message or call confirm the location of the service, a user can contact a giver to request a clarification or a health authority or an expert can call another specialist to request information about their order. Marketing. The NubianPRO can use the data we collect to market our services to our users . This includes sending communications to users about services, features, promotions, sweepstakes, studies, questionnaires, news, updates and NubianPRO events . We can also send communications to our users about products and services provided by NubianPRO partners . For example, if a user has made a request for a type of specialty to NubianPRO Teleconsultation , we can send recommendations, promotion or announcements on specials like other partners NubianPRO . Although we may send users communications about the specialties and services of NubianPRO partners , we do not sell or share users ‘ personal data with those partners or with third parties for the purposes of direct marketing or advertising, unless users give their consent. We may use the data we collect to personalize the marketing communications (including advertisements) we send, including based on the user’s location, the user’s previous use of the NubianPRO services and their preferences and settings. We can also send users communications about elections, votes, referenda and other political and warning processes related to our services. For example, NubianPRO has notified some users via email of legislative proposals or pending legislation regarding the availability of NubianPRO services in those users’ areas . Communications that are not for marketing purposes.The NubianPRO can use the data we collect to generate and provide receipts to users , informing them of changes to the terms, services or the policies NubianPRO , or send other communications that are not intended to advertise the services of NubianPRO or its partners . Legal requirements and procedures.We may use the personal data we collect to analyze or respond to complaints or disputes related to the use of NubianPRO’s services , or as otherwise permitted by applicable law, or as requested by regulatory authorities, government entities and official inquiries In some cases, such as when a user is found to be misusing the NubianPRO recommendation program , this behavior may result in automatic deactivation. Use the location information of the giver , as well as the communications exchanged between users and givers , to identify the cancellation fees received validly or for fraud. For example, if it is found, through this information, that a giver is delaying the assistance of a user to incite a cancellation, we will not charge any cancellation fee to the user and we will adjust the amounts paid to the giver in order to exclude that fee . To oppose these types of adjustments, contact NubianPRO customer support .
C. Cookies and third-party technologies: The NubianPRO and its partners use cookies and other tracking technologies on our websites, applications, e-mails and online ads for the purposes described in this notice.
The cookies are small text files that are stored in browsers or devices for websites, applications, online media and advertising. The NubianPRO uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes such as:Authenticate usersSave preferences and settings usersDetermining the popularity of contentProvide and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaignsAnalyze trends and traffic site and get a general understanding of online behavior and interests of people who interact with our services. We may also allow third parties to provide us with audience measurements and analytical services, to display advertisements on our behalf on the Internet and to monitor and report on the performance of those advertisements. These entities may use cookies , web beacons , SDK and other technologies to identify the devices used by visitors to access our websites, as well as when they access other sites and online services. See our Cookie Notice for more information on the use of cookies and other technologies described in this section.
D. Sharing and dissemination of data: Some of NubianPRO’s products, services and features require us to share data with other users or at the request of a user. We may also share data with our affiliates, subsidiaries and partners for legal reasons or in the context of complaints or disputes. The NubianPRO can share the data we collect (with the consent of the client) :1. With other users: This includes sharing:The proper names, classifications and locations of the teleconsultation and / or domicile of the users with the giver s .The proper names of users with other users in the case of shared queries (under child members). When a user makes a shared query , he can also see the data of the other user (for example a minor child) .First names, user addresses and order information of non-user users with the specialist and the health entity . We may also share ratings and opinions, or other information, as required by the law, with the partner health entity and the specialist .In the case of the giver ‘s and experts , we can share data with users , and s entity s health s partners, inc luindo the name and photograph; the profile data of the giver ; the location (before travel and during service ); the average rating provided by users ; the total number of services ; the duration of use of the NubianPRO application ; contact information (depending on applicable laws); and the profile of the giver or specialist , including praise and other opinions sent by previous users . We also provide users with receipts containing information such as the breakdown of the amount charged, the giver or specialist’s own name and photograph , the route map and other information required by the region or country where the giver or specialist operates.For persons participating in the referral program NubianPRO , share certain personal data of users resumes ndados, as the number of assists (consultations ) with the user who recommended them, provided they are relevant to determining the recommendation bonus.2. Upon user request: This includes sharing data with :NubianPRO’s business partners . For example, if a user requests a service through a partnership or promotional offer made by a third party, NubianPRO may share certain data with those third parties. This may include, for example, other services, platforms, applications or websites that integrate with our API ; health care services or providers ; those who have an API or a service with which we integrate; or health entity to NubianPRO partners or other business partners and their users in the context of promotions, contests or specialized services.3. With the general public: Questions or comments from users sent through public forums such as blogs of NubianPRO and social networking pages NubianPro can be viewed by the public, including any personal data included in the questions or the comments of users .4. With the NubianPro: account ownerIf a user requests a service through someone else’s account, we can share the service information , including location data in real time, with the owner of that account. This occurs, for example, when: A health entity  uses his employer’s in NubianPRO for Business profile , such as when making inquiries that have been requested through NubianPRO Central, a giver or specialist uses an account that belongs to or is associated with a partner health entity NubianPRO, a registered user makes a query that was requested by a friend or through a family profile, a replacement specialist (CV only).5. With NubianPRO subsidiaries and affiliates:We share data with our subsidiaries and affiliates to help us provide our services or perform data processing on our behalf. For example, NubianPRO processes and stores data in the datacenters in USA, Singapure and Netherland on behalf of its international subsidiaries and affiliates.6. With NubianPRO service providers and business partners: The NubianPRO provides data to phamacies, suppliers, health entities, marketing partners, research companies and other service providers or business partners. These include: Payment processors and facilitators: Suppliers of identity and background checks (for givers and experts ) Cloud storage providers Marketing partners and suppliers of marketing platforms, including social media advertising services, Data analytics providers, Research partners, including those who conduct questionnaires or research projects in partnership with NubianPro or on behalf of NubianPro Suppliers that help NubianPRO strengthen the security and protection of their applications, Consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers, Health sector partners, Insurance and financing partners, Airports Lime and other local suppliers, Healthcare provider to partners and / or their point of sale suppliers, transportation solution providers or third-party transportation suppliers. 7. For legal reasons or in case of dispute: The NubianPRO can share personal data of users if we feel that is required by applicable law, regulation, by agreement or operating license, for legal procedure or request government, or where disclosure is appropriate for reasons of safety or the like. This includes sharing personal data with law enforcement authorities, public health authorities, other government authorities, airports (if required by airport authorities as a condition for providing services in the airport area), or third parties as necessary to apply our policies. Terms of Service, user agreements or other policies; to protect the rights or property of NubianPRO or the rights, security and property of third parties, or in the event of a claim or dispute related to the use of our services. If you use someone else’s ND+TimeisLife card , we may be required by law to share your personal data , including your service information , with the holder of that card. This also includes sharing personal data with third parties in connection with, or during the negotiations for, mergers, sales of company assets, consolidations or restructurings, financing or acquisitions of part or all of our business by or in another company.8. Upon consent: The NubianPRO can share the personal data of a user other way than described in this notice if we notify the user and this consent to sharing. 

E. Data retention and deletion: The NubianPRO retains the profile, transactions and other personal data for as long as this remains their account NubianPRO .The NubianPRO may retain certain user data after receiving a request for deletion of the account, if necessary, to comply with legal requirements. The NubianPRO retains the profile, transactions and other user information during the time that this remains their account NubianPRO . In the case of the giver ‘s and experts , the NubianPRO also retains the information from health professionals and background checks ( to the extent that the law permits) for as long as they maintain their accounts NubianPRO .The users can request the deletion of the respective s records at any time by going to Settings> Privacy on the application NubianPRO or through the Help Center of NubianPRO . Following these requests, NubianPRO will delete data that it is not required to retain under regulatory, tax, insurance, litigation or other legal requirements. For example, NubianPRO retains location, device and usage data for these purposes for a minimum of seven years. While retaining this data, you can also use it for purposes of security, protection, prevention and detection of fraud and research and development. In certain circumstances, NubianPRO may be unable to delete a user’s account, for example, if there is an outstanding credit on the account or an unresolved claim or dispute. After solving the problem that prevented deletion, NubianPRO will delete the account as described above. The NubianPRO can also withhold certain information if necessary for safety purposes, protection and fraud prevention. For example, if NubianPRO deactivates a user’s account due to risky behavior or security-related incidents, NubianPRO may retain certain information about that account to prevent that user from creating a new NubianPRO account in the future.
F. Bases for processing We only collect and use personal data when we have legally permissible bases for doing so. These include processing the user’s personal data to provide the requested features and services, for the purposes of the legitimate interests of NubianPRO or third parties, to fulfill NubianPRO’s legal obligations or based on consent. We collect and use personal data only when we have one or more legally permissible bases for doing so. These bases may vary depending on where users are, but generally include the processing of personal data: a . To provide the requested features and services In order to provide our services, we must collect and use certain personal data. These include: Data profiles of users , which we use to establish and maintain the accounts of users , verify the identity of users , communicate with users on the respectives applications services and accounts and to allow users make payments and givers and specialists receive income Background information, which is used to verify the eligibility of a giver or specialist candidate The location data of the giver and the specialist , which we use to track assistance and assist in navigation Usage data, which is needed to maintain, optimize and improve NubianPRO services , including to determine incentives, connect users to givers and calculate service costs and givers income Transaction information Customer support related information b . For the purposes of the legitimate interests of NubianPRO or third parties This includes the use of personal data to maintain and enhance the security and protection of our users . For example, we use personal data to prevent the use of our services by users who have had inappropriate or dangerous behavior, such as, for example, retaining data from banned users to prevent them from using NubianPRO applications. We also use usage data to prevent the correspondence between users and givers for which there is an increased risk of conflict (for example, because they were the subject of previous complaints by other users ). This also includes purposes such as combating fraud, improving our services, direct marketing, research and development and the application of the NubianPRO Terms of Service. In addition, it includes the use of personal data, as necessary, for the interests of other people or the public in general, such as in insurance claims or court proceedings, and to protect the rights and security of others. c . To comply with NubianPRO’s legal obligationsThe NubianPRO can also share data with law enforcement authorities for criminal acts or threats to public safety, or third-party applications in accordance with legal procedures. For more information about this type of data sharing, see the Guidelines for law enforcement authorities – USA , the Guidelines for law enforcement authorities – Outside the USA and the Guidelines for third party data requests and notification of legal documents from NubianPRO . d . By consentThe NubianPRO may collect and use personal data based on the respective user consent. For example, we can collect personal data through voluntary questionnaires. Responses to these questionnaires are collected with consent and will be deleted when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected.The users who have given consent for the collection or use of their personal data may revoke it at any time. In However, the users can not use any service or feature that requires the collection or use of personal data.
IV. Choice and transparency
The NubianPRO allows users to access and control the data that NubianPRO collects, including through:In-app settingsDevice permissionsIn-app rating pagesCancellation of marketing communicationsThe NubianPRO also allows users to request access to their data or copies thereof, changes or updates to their account, the removal of their account or that NubianPRO restrict the processing of personal data of users .
A. Privacy settings The settings menus in the NubianPRO application for users allow you to define or update the location sharing preferences and preferences for receiving mobile notifications sent by NubianPRO . Information about these settings, how to configure or change them, and the effect of disabling them is described below. Location data The NubianPRO uses the location of the devices service users to make it easier to obtain a ‘Service Giver ” whenever they need it . Location data helps to improve our services, including teleconsultations , navigation and user support .The user can enable or disable the collection by the location data NubianPRO through their mobile devices by going to Settings> Privacy on the application NubianPRO . The user can turn on or off via the settings of their mobile devices. Share the location in real time ( users ) The users who have enabled the collection of location data from the NubianPRO through their mobile can also allow devices NubianPRO share their location with the giver , since the service is requested by the beginning of it. This can help to improve travel to users’ homes for givers , especially in busy areas. The user can enable or disable this feature by going to Settings> Privacy on the application NubianPRO . Sharing emergency data ( users ) The users who have enabled the collection of the location data NubianPRO on their mobile devices can also activate the functionality emergency data sharing , data sharing with the police, fire and ambulance services. These data include the approximate location at the time of the emergency call; the user’s address ; the name and phone number ;  your exact location at that time ; and the name of your giver The user can enable or disable this feature by going to Settings> Privacy or Security Center in the application NubianPRO . Notifications: account and profile updates The NubianPRO sends the user status notification service and updates related to the activity of their account. These notifications are an indispensable part of using the NubianPRO application and cannot be disabled. However, users can choose the method by which they receive these notifications by going to Settings> Privacy in the NubianPRO application . Notifications: discounts and news The users can allow NubianPRO send notifications push about discounts and news from NubianPRO . Push notifications can be enabled or disabled by going to Settings> Privacy in the NubianPRO application . B. Device authorizations Most mobile platforms ( iOS , Android , etc.) have defined certain types of device data that applications cannot access without the consent of the device owner. These platforms use different methods to obtain consent. IOS devices notify users the first time that the NubianPRO application requests authorization to access certain types of data and gives users the option of granting authorization or not. Android devices notify users of the authorizations that the NubianPRO application requests before using the application for the first time and the use of the application constitutes granting authorization. C. Classification query After each service , givers and users can assign a rating to each other, on a scale of one to five. The average of those ratings is associated with their accounts and presented to other people to whom they provide or receive services. For example, the ratings of users are available to giver s which call for services health and classifications of the givers are d isponibilizadas to users . This reciprocal system holds everyone accountable for their behavior. This accountability helps to create an environment of respect and security for givers and users. Users can see their average rating in the main menu of the NubianPRO application . The givers can see the respective average rating when touch the profile photo on the App NubianPRO.  D. Cancellation of marketing communications The user can cancel receiving emails promotional from NubianPRO here . The users can also cancel receiving emails and other messages NubianPRO following the unsubscribe instructions included in these messages. We may also send other non-promotional communications, such as travel receipts or information about their accounts, to users who have opted out of receiving these communications. E. Data Request users The NubianPRO gives users several ways to know, control and send questions and comments about the processing of their data by the NubianPRO . To place an order, go here . Access data: users can request an explanation of the data we collect and how we use it.Receive data: users can request a copy of the data that NubianPRO collects about them with their consent or as necessary to provide our services.Change or update data: users can edit the name, telephone number, e -mail address , payment method and photo associated with their accounts through the Settings menu on the giver portal or in the NubianPRO applications . They can also ask NubianPRO to change or update their data, including if they consider it to be incorrect or incomplete.Delete data: the user can request the deletion of their account at any time by going to Settings> Privacy in the application NubianPRO or send a request to NubianPro support. Oppositions, restrictions and complaints: users can request to stop using all or some of their personal data or to limit the use of their data by NubianPRO . The NubianPRO can continue to process data after this opposition or application, to the extent required or permitted by law. In addition, depending on their location, users may have the right to file a complaint related to the handling, by NubianPRO , of their personal data to their country’s data protection authority. 

V. Updates to this notice
We may occasionally update this notice. The use of our services after an update constitutes consent to the updated notice to the extent permitted by law. We may occasionally update this notice. If we make significant changes, we will notify users of changes in advance via NubianPRO applications or through other means, such as email . We encourage users to periodically consult this notice to obtain the latest information on our privacy practices. After that notice, the use of our services by users in countries outside the European Union will constitute a consent to updates to the extent permitted by law.