Preparing for surgery? What you need to know

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How to prepare for a successful post-operation recovery.

Preparing to undergo surgery can be similar to training for a marathon, says Christina Sherry, a registered dietitian and expert in adult therapeutic nutrition who’s with Abbott, a global health care company. Running a marathon is physically and mentally taxing, and so is undergoing surgery. “You need to physically and mentally prepare your body for the stress it will endure on the operating table,” Sherry says. “Getting the right nutrition leading up to your surgery can have a major impact on your recovery and getting back on your feet.” Your medical team will provide detailed instructions on what you can eat before surgery and how many hours before the procedure you can consume food. More broadly, you should have a strategy to consume the right nutrition, drop or pause unhealthy habits and boost your exercise in the weeks leading up to surgery to promote post-op healing and recovery

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